Robin Williams, the brilliant actor, who starred in “Good Will Hunting,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” and “Awakenings” died today from suicide. So what brings a person to this tragic ending?

Robin Williams was a sensitive Cancer Sun with Mars and Uranus there, too. He had three focal planets:  Sun (narcissistic tendencies), Mars (uber determined) and Uranus (marching to his own drummer). The thing that killed him? His also sensitive water sign Pisces Moon. With Pisces in the first five personal planets, addiction is a strong possibility. Pisces’ planet is Neptune, and it rules all chemicals. It’s also the escapist sign. And Robin had battled addiction.

We’ve all been there — thinking that life is not worth living. But Robin had been there since 2007 with one of the most difficult aspects in the Xtrology method of prediction. He had predictive Mars (rips your life/ego into little pieces) sitting on his natal and then his predictive Pluto (death). It had actually passed but stayed on to conjunct his natal Mercury — so it wasn’t over. And it is the nastiest planet in predictive astrology. I wish he had known that the darkness would not last another year. Life would have lightened up. It would not have seemed so hopeless. It was a huge karmic trial — a long ordeal. He was so close. Rest in peace.

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