Katherine Heigl is the most hated women in Hollywood by some standards (although Ann Hathaway is close) because she callously called out two high profile employers, Shondra Rhimes and Judd Apatow — not something you do in this town and expect to continue working. But working she is! She has a new show, STATE OF AFFAIRS. Will this one be a success? Or will she go back criticizing the hand that feeds her?

Katherine is an outspoken Sagittarius with Mercury, Mars and Neptune conjunct — a stellium. Her Venus is in its detriment in Scorpio but here’s the problem really — her Moon is in its fall in Scorpio. I now feel like an expert of Moon in Scorpio. And they do like to get down and nasty. Pair that with a Sagittarius mouth and you get the truth, but bitchy.

Her future is mixed. She’s just getting over predictive Mercury conjunct natal Mars. So she got slammed in the press brutally. It is still conjunct natal Neptune which could mean there’s more that hasn’t come out yet or she hasn’t recovered as much as she thinks she has. The good side of her chart is that she has predictive Mercury sextile her natal Moon and predictive Mars trine Saturn. Her home life is humming, and she has plenty of energy towards her work and the show may squeak by despite how people feel about her.

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