Joan Rivers recently left us for a better place and left her hugely successful show, “Fashion Police” without a host. There’s talk the show won’t continue. It’s Hollywood. The show goes on.

Chelsea Handler must be reeling from her decision to leave “E” now that this juicy spot is opening. Her new show on Netflix doesn’t start until 2016 with only a few specials between now and then. Twelve lucky years of Jupiter is over (she gets still another Jupiter period in March 2015), but right now she’s kicking herself. I first noticed Chelsea when she did one-liners for “E” biographies. She hasn’t been that funny since. With “Fashion Police,” she would have been back in her element although she’ll say she didn’t want it.

Kathy Griffin seems to be making a huge bid to take Joan’s spot. She’s everywhere bemoaning Joan’s fate. Astrologically, she’s in the perfect position with predictive Mercury conjunct her natal Jupiter. Kathy is a Scorpio with Neptune/Mercury conjunct. Add to that Scorpio rising and you cannot overlook a need for control. She’s a powerhouse, but might just put off her co-stars, because there’s not a lot of “co” in her need to be a star.

I like Margaret Cho, a Sagittarius with Sagittarius rising. She rivals Joan in her ability to scorch the earth. However, the timing’s off for her.

Sandra Bernhard’s is just two days from Joan’s birthday so both are Gemini. And she has Joan’s Sagittarius Moon and acid tongue. And she, like Kathy, is in the favorable Jupiter period with her predictive Jupiter conjunct her predictive Sun and Mercury. The show would succeed with her energy. Out of the people I’ve looked at, I would pick Sandra. But Kathy would be fine, too. Let’s see what “E” and Melissa Rivers, Joan’s daughter and the producer of the show, come up with. And you, any thoughts?

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  1. I don’t believe anything you say. Too many people try to prophesy people’s lives which is hog wash. You also said Joan Rivers was going to be fine which of course she died after your prediction.

    • I never claim to be perfect. And, for sure, I can’t predict decisions people make. Joan Rivers did not have a bad aspect to Pluto which I see in every death. In fact she had a good aspects – two of them. I can only surmise, it was her decision to go. I can’t get into someone’s head. We all have free will. And decisions people make cause me to be wrong occasionally, because I’m just looking at the aspects. But if you read my blog, you’ll know I’m right most of the time.

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