Okay, Tori Spelling is keeping the family alive by living this out in public on her new show “True Tori.” But so what? Who doesn’t have some idea that this is going on? Her husband, Dean McDermont, cheated on her. She’s mad. We can relate. It’s embarrassing. That, too.

Tori is a stubborn Taurus with her Mercury conjunct. Her Venus is in the too cold sign of Gemini so she’s already got some trust issues. But Moon in Scorpio? Oh, Baby. This one will take you ’round the bend. They’re possessive, manipulating, jealous, revengeful and really quite sexy. Keeping her man at home shouldn’t be impossible — unless she is impossible to be around — which can happen with Scorpio Moon people. Her focal planets are Mars (bulldozer determined) and Jupiter (likes to be part of a culture, TV?).

But if you want to know the cause of all her angst? Her predictive Mars is square her predictive Sun — the worst of the worst. It will strip you of all confidence. A negative event will happen. And we know what that was. I wouldn’t want to play this out in public, because I’d probably put on 20 pounds, but there’s nothing wrong with it. The more you face it and not run away from it, the easier it is. So kudos to her. We’re all going to get these at some point in our lives. So far, I think she’s keeping it pretty classy. Hope her show continues and her marriage makes it through this rough aspect. Because you can’t stay married for 30 years and not hit one of these. The marriages that are meant to be will survive. I’m hoping hers does. She’s doing the work. She deserves the results.

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