Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton’s sister, has a very unusual astrology chart. You won’t see many like this. All her planets are within four (out of 12) houses with the exception of Mars in the 12th. She has only one square, and it has to do with her father whom she apparently isn’t a huge fan of.

Another unusual thing is to find her 5th House of Romance, her 7th House of Partnerships and her 8th House of Sex empty. This means she isn’t very invested in these things. And to further this concept, she also has her Mars/Venus conjunct. That’s pretty much the same definition, except more so. It shows up in gay people a lot. It’s complete disinterest in love. And because Venus is ruled by Libra, Mars takes on some Libra (passive/aggresive) qualities.

This would make one think she’s a career girl. But, not so much with her 10th House empty. With four planets in the 4th House of Home ruled by Cancer, she may not really be too excited about anything except staying home. Venus and her Moon are in Leo so she won’t shun the limelight, but she won’t spend a lot of time chasing it either. Did I mention she’s a Virgo? They are the workers of the world. So she probably does work.

Just starting for her is predictive Mars square natal Uranus. That’s a pretty scary aspect especially in regard to accidents. She just came out of predictive Mars square natal Jupiter. Normally that affects your relationship with the law or money — both unlikely in her case. Her predictive Mercury is also square natal Neptune. This could be some unflattering publicity unless she is very discreet. And she may be. She’s not a wild girl. If this does happen, it could be that it was not her fault — she could be photographed without her knowledge (Neptune). All in all, this represents a trying time for her. For certain, nothing positive will come out of this time period which lasts for 2 1/2 years. We all get this stuff at some time or another. And it’s no fun.

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