This is an event chart. When there is no birthday, you can use a chart for the exact time of the event. Today a Malaysian plane traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lampur went down in a fiery crash in the Ukrainian war zone killing 295 people. Ideally, we would have the birthday of the plane and that surely exists (the day the plane made its first flight), but its unlikely that I could get that information.

Therefore, I’m going to look at the event chart’s transits to answer the question of how this happened. That would be today’s chart, the time of the explosion and the location of the explosion.

I would expect to find Mars (violence) and Pluto (death). The first thing I see is the Sun at 24 degrees of Cancer and Mars at 25 degrees of Libra. This is a square aspect which is the most negative and dangerous aspect. Uranus (airplanes) is at 16 degrees Aries and Pluto is at 12 Capricorn. You may recall the Cardinal Grand Square we just survived. This is also a Cardinal Grand Square because despite Jupiter leaving Cancer and moving to Leo, the Sun is taking its place in Cancer. And Mars is filling out the Grand square in Libra. (Cardinal Grand Square signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — each 90 degrees from the other — 90 X 4 = 360 degrees of a circle. If you remember from geometry four equally spaced angles create a square).

The Moon while at lower degrees, five, is also in the sign of Aries. So this fits quite perfectly the idea that this was a hostile action — that the plane was shot down.

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