Are Beyonce and Jay Z getting a divorce?. The answer is in their Xtrology. And it’s an easy one.

Jay Z is a Sagittarius with Venus and Mercury conjunct his Sun. His Moon in the likeable sign of Libra and Mars in Aquarius — all air and fire. No focal planets. Beyonce has a Virgo Sun (the square of Sagittarius) so the real question is why did they stay together so long?  She also has a stellium (four planets) plus one more planet in Libra. So her Venus conjuncts his Moon. That’s a little power in the sexual arena.

Currently, he has predictive Venus conjunct predictive Sun trine natal Pluto. He’s in love. She was in Jupiter (remember the rumors about whether she had the baby herself or not. I knew in Jupiter either way the rumor wouldn’t hurt her), but it’s over. Her Venus (love) is sitting on Uranus (divorce). She wants out. He doesn’t.

Will it happen? There’s a lot of money to split up? And it could just be a way to generate more publicity. But, yes, even with all that, I say she’s had enough.

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