After already having two earthquakes a 4.4 and and 5.1, I decided to look at the chart of Los Angeles. We really are very laid back about earthquakes, although it’s been some time now since I was on the phone and said, “Did you feel that?”

I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. Los Angeles, using the date April 4, 1850, when we were incorporated, has a dangerous chart. If you read my blog, you know I’m ragging on and on about the Bite Me transit that involves all the cardinal signs at middle degrees. Well, hold your breath.

Los Angeles has an Aries Sun at 14 degrees as well as Saturn at 11, the Moon at 10 degrees Capricorn and Mars at 8 degrees Cancer. Today the transiting Pluto is at 13 degrees putting it right on top of L.A.’s Moon and just to add a little flavor, L.A.’s predictive Moon is 13 degrees Capricorn.

Transiting Uranus at 12 degrees Aries is sitting on L.A.’s Saturn and not so far from the Sun. And transiting Jupiter is at 11 degrees Cancer on L.A.’s Mars at 8 degrees.

But here’s what really concerns me L.A.’s predictive Mars is opposition it’s natal Sun and the Moon is square both. Together with the other planets, we have a progressed Grand Square. Transiting Mars at 22 Libra today is retrograding and in April will be conjunct the predictive Mars.

This is the perfect set-up for THE BIG ONE. While it may not happen, the conditions are right — even perfect.  Be earthquake prepared. We all know the drill. Everyone in L.A. has the supplies or knows they should have them.

  • Charge your cell phone
  • Water, food, pet food. I’ve chosen tuna because it’s easy to store and my cat and I can eat it. And some canned fruit with a lot of liquid. Water is very difficult to store for a long period of time I have found the hard way. Leave your toilet seats up for animals left behind.
  • Don’t take animals with you. They know where the safest place is and trying to find them may cause you harm. Usually they go under the bed.
  • Tie down, put on the floor, underneath a table — the things you can’t live without or that you don’t want to hit you on the head.
  • Remember to duck. Don’t run to the door jambs. The people in Northridge that were killed were standing up and the ceiling fell on their heads. Get down and close to a large object or under it. Put flashlights near those spaces. If you have a whistle, go to sleep wearing it so you can be found.
  • Put a bag with your essentials, especially medication, near the door so if you are leaving, you can just grab it. Make sure you have shoes there, because there may be glass. Have FEMA’s number handy. Also your valuable papers especially insurance.
  • Consider putting some things in your car like a blanket, a can opener, some of your canned goods, an extra phone charger. Because you may not be allowed back in your house/building.
  • There are some wonderful lights at the hardware store that go on when the lights go out, there are tap lights — I even have some little bitty lights that you turn and they last 11 hours that I got at Radio Shack. I carry one in my purse.

Okay that is some of the things. If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comment section. Also check on your elderly neighbors and see if they are prepared.

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