First posted on 3/2/2014:

Oh, these lines are blurred all right. Are you kidding me? A Sagittarius woman with a Pisces man? Wrong reasons. Always wrong reasons when you see squares together — incompatible energy — no exceptions. And her with a Capricorn Moon? Seriously. She backed him up until she got where she was going — abuse, cheating, all of it, but it’s payback now. Gloves are off. The Capricorn Moon’s I know, all ambitious and all jealous. You don’t mess with their stuff.

Robin Thick has five focal planets, Moon (in a fixed sign he’s sensitive, but hides it), Mars, (he wants his way), Jupiter, (cult-like tendencies), Saturn (mucho ambition) and finally Uranus (marches to his own drummer.) And he’s difficult. But for a Sadge? He’s downright impossible. She has a plan, my friends. She would have to, to stay and around and put up with his bullshit. He wakes up everyday and it’s, “Paula fix me. Make me happy.” And Paula is thinking, “For now. Until you get me where I am going, Baby.”

So here we are at the crossroads. Neither of these people has a bad chart. Robin’s got his Sun sitting on his karmic nodes and a nice little trine from predictive Sun to Venus. Love? It’s going to happen.

Paula is Sagittarius, square to Robin’s Pisces Sun. She does not understand him. He does not understand her. In fact, they get on each others nerves. Robin is too namby pamby and overly sensitive to the slightest thing. And Paula is too out-spoken and thinks he skirts the truth — although Neptune conjunct her Sun she does, too, when it suits her. Like him, she has the Moon as a focal planet. There’s enough sensitivity to go around. But ultimately Sadge will always fall back on needing to know. Where Pisces will overlook, Sadge can’t  — not forever. It’s in their DNA. The truth and nothing but the truth.

More interesting Paula has her predictive Venus sitting right on her Sun. So who loves who? Both these people have powerful Venus aspects. You will fall in love. It can be with your partner. Or is this the out they’re secretly longing for?

I predict these two are parting ways. It’s how they stayed together so long that is the mystery. But they both were getting something out of it, and it wasn’t compatibility. She got to mingle with the rich and famous. He got a lot of his rock star misbehavior overlooked. With strong Venus aspects for both, they can do better. They can find someone who gets them. There could be something here that is passing for love, but the real thing is still ahead for both of these people.

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