First posted on 3/23/14:

Sorry this blog isn’t about them. It’s about Anna Wintour the editor of “Vogue.” Kim is protected by Jupiter — the only possible reason she stays in the spotlight. Kanye is riding her coattails, but still has to deal with his negative Mercury aspect which just gave him a bad day in court just last week. But Anna? What the hell is wrong with a woman that has been the maven of fashion all these years? A lot.

Anna Wintour is a Scorpio Sun. Her focal planets are numerous: The Sun (narcissist), Mercury (verbally abusive, guess we saw a little of that in “The Devil Wears Prada”), the Moon (super-sensitive), Jupiter (part of a cult or culture) and Uranus (different just to be different). This makes up a Grand Cardinal Square so the Bite Me transit has bitten her a lot lately with her Moon at 14 degrees Aries and her Neptune at 15 degrees Libra.

However in addition, she currently has one of the most negative predictive aspects there is, predictive Mars square natal Uranus. Ugh! Putting Kanye and Kim (former sex tape star) on the cover of “Vogue.” Wrong in every way. Just completely a stupid move. Does the woman have dementia? Look for this to be her downfall. Bad judgment. Bad timing. Bad voodoo will come of this.

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3 Responses to “KIM KANYE VOGUE COVER!”

  1. I really like your posts and the way you write… But many of them just mention aspects or transits with no further explanation. Not talking about deep and detailed technical terms, but for example: why predictive mars square natal uranus is one of the most negative predictive aspects? Is it related to Anna W’s personal chart ou in general?

    • Squares are negative energy. It’s a 90 degree angle. I do explain this in other posts. You sort of have to read them all, because I don’t explain everything every time. Mars is a malefic planet as is Uranus. Two malefic planets in a negative aspect results in a negative event.

      When I say predictive, I’m talking about the day-for-a-year secondary method that I have updated so it works all the time. I call it “predictive” because it isn’t secondary (in my method) to anything.

      I hope you’ll stick around and read more.

    • And I should mention that on my website I have a page that outlines basic astrology rules.

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