You just had to know he’s a Grand Square guy with four focal planets, Mercury (abusive mouth), Mars (willful), Uranus (quirky), and Neptune (his own reality). He’s an Aries, so he’s a little boy. His Libra Moon gets him out of trouble — most of the time, but his latest bad boy behavior consisting of more homophobic slurs lost him his MSNBC talk show.

And it’s easy to predict why:  His predictive Mars is square predictive Saturn. After that’s finished, it squares his natal Saturn. Alan Leo calls it ruination. So, tsk, tsk to his run for Mayor of New York. Won’t happen. And he’s not going to be a very happy guy in the meantime.

He is in love, with his new wife and his new baby predictive Venus sextile Mars. So I’m not feeling so bad for him. Feeling bad for her, though, he’s a pill.

For a private consultation, contact And please visit Xtrology on Facebook and Twitter. We’re still in the nastiest transit I’ve seen in the last twenty years. It’s smacked some people very hard. Some new, higher degree people, will see it this year. And the lucky ones of us got hit by both or I should say all. Special price for a reading on this transit, $50 by PayPal. Email me with any questions you may have.


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