Our fascination with Marilyn Monroe, which never seems to dissipate, continues with the new show SMASH on NBC. Why are we so fascinated with this woman? There is a very good reason.

Marilyn is a Gemini with her Mercury in the same sign. Often known as The Twins, Gemini’s do seem to lead two lives — a good one and a bad one. Her only focal planet is Saturn which gave her unbridled ambition. You will also find people with this negative aspect are disappointed in the father figure. Marilyn’s filed for divorce before her first birthday. The ambition, in part, replaces the need for the father. It fills up that hole.

A Mars/Uranus conjunction squares her Gemini planets. This creates anger and instability. Rounding out her fear of relationships is Venus square Pluto. Women with this aspect are afraid of being abandoned.

Why do we love her? It’s a Moon/Jupiter conjunction that allows her to be completely open emotionally. This aspect creates a giving, generous personality. Marilyn was in touch with her feelings. She related well. She was more than willing to take chances. She had a good body image. But because of the other negative aspects, she was very often disappointed. The people who relate to her most are the ones who want that ability to open up. Marilyn had lots of it — lots of love to give. The tragedy came in her follow though. When it got too close she remembered her fears.

At the time of her death, she had predictive Venus conjunct her natal Sun. As Venus is love, she was in love — no doubt about that. But she also had predictive Mars square her predictive Sun which was conjunct Pluto. It doesn’t get more negative. Love or not, she was extremely unhappy at the prospect her love could not be fulfilled. This negative aspect is the definition of star-crossed lovers — which literally means that the stars (planets) are not in favor of the union. It’s an ill-fated extremely painful situation.

Was she murdered? Mars in predictive astrology is very violent. This was a violent death. This was not an accidental overdose. There is no way to know astrologically if it was at the hand of someone else. When the Sun is part of the aspect, it involves the ego. Your ego, everything you believe yourself to be, is being assaulted. You can’t see past this unbearable pain. It is possible she killed herself if she believed her future was not with the person she loved. But it is also possible that someone killed her. Because as we all know when you’re in love, you do not want to stay silent.


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