I got so burned on Kim Kardashian and her star-turn decision to divorce (a man I think is perfect for her) that I declined to blog my negative feelings about Katy Perry’s marriage to Russell Brand. What is impossible to predict is the crazy moves people make. But I knew something was up with this marriage when I saw Russell’s chart.

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2 Responses to “KATY PERRY’S DIVORCE”

  1. Thanks for the fast commenting…Isn’t he 12 years older also? No way a gemini or scorpio have ANY chance. She really thought she could bully him and not consider what he wanted etc…cause she is so special (-in her own mind-). She probably would have divorced him eventually, but he didn’t stick around to be humiliated any more.. That must be killing her..not the divorce, but that he had the upper hand.

  2. They broke up already? They were only married for a year, right? That’s a damn shame! Russell, you messed up!

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