What makes this woman tick? After being a popular guest on THE LARRY KING SHOW, the lawyer, Nancy Grace got her own television show, NANCY GRACE where she takes a nightly stand on the guilt or innocence of high profile cases. One of her crusades was the Casey Anthony case. Anthony was accused of killing her 2 1/2 year old daughter. And there was some bizarre behavior after the child was missing. For the last three years Grace has played judge and jury influencing the public with her opinion. Apparently it wasn’t enough to influence the real jury who set Casey free today.

Is Nancy Grace acting like the 13th juror? Or is she doing what the Constitution guarantees — expressing her opinion.

Nancy Grace is a Libra. They do love the justice and the fairness. To read more about her, CLICK HERE.

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One Response to “NANCY GRACE THE 13TH JUROR?”

  1. Casey Anthony keeps winning and winning and winning and winning and winning and winning and winning and winning and winning all the way to the bank. Good for her. Look how many millions of people were wrong about this issue too. Time for Casey to start pumping out some new Caylee’s soon. -Jane

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