I started to write this blog thinking Oprah had it so easy, but NO! While it’s true she has recently been in Jupiter, the chart as a whole is another story altogether. Oprah is a testimonial to hard work and staying true to herself. After 1983 when reviews of her were written comparing her favorably to Phil Donahue, she maneuvered through a series of difficult aspects including progressed Mars square progressed Sun from age 29-31. This is the most trying astrological aspect because the Sun is your ego and Mars tries to rip it to shreds. It takes a lot of soul searching to keep your head high when the Universe isn’t there to protect you. In every way, she deserves the success she has today.

UPDATE:  It’s August and just as I predicted, the headline in GLOBE magazine is “Oprah Betrayed.”

UPDATE2: It’s official. Gayle King is leaving Oprah’s struggling network, OWN, to go to CBS Ear
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