I wrote this on July 27, 2010. And I hoped it wasn’t true. But you can’t fool astrology and especially Xtrology. It has been announced that Chelsea Clinton’s husband (I’m not going to mention his name) has taken a leave of absence from his job at 3G Capital to go skiing at Jackson Hole, Wyoming for, you’re not going to believe this, three months. We can hope this is not the end of the marriage, but as Xtrology predicted, it’s a really bad sign based on their astrological incompatibility.

He’s not totally to blame. Both of these people got married for the wrong reasons. And when you do that, you will get the wrong results. Every time. I see it over and over in marriages. There is only one reason to get married — you cannot imagine living without this person. Apparently, you-know-who can live without Chelsea.

To read more… Xtrology is the column at the upper left.


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