You want a revolution! Have your progressed Sun sitting right on top of your natal Pluto. Pluto is the sign of death and rebirth. This is no surprise. The Sun is you, the very embodiment of you. Egypt is ready for a change. Egypt is destined to change at this time. According to Sophia Mason, “hidden emotions that one would not expect exists until it is released with compelling power.”

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  1. I’m really content about everything that happened in Egypt. At last, the tyranny of Hosni Mubarak has come to an final. And the whole thing developed because of the bravery of the egyptians. I pray that the example will stretch out through all the Middle East. Liberation now! Peace.

  2. If you believe in what the bible says, some of the end times action begins with unrest in the Middle East- or where it is going on right now. One had better worry about the poor and non-existing middle class of the USA taking to the streets. We have been over looked, stepped on and used all for the powerful to push us down. One-person one vote is all good if that indeed were the case. As we, all know the popular vote is a sleeping pill for the masses. We are in danger of doing as all great empires have done failing from with in… Happy day gas will be 5.00 by May. Then the poor will not be able to go to the rich person’s house to clean it!

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