Here’s my blog from January 4, 2010. What I didn’t say and should have is that the negative aspect hitting him would last until March 2012. So it’s definitely not over. Here’s my fortuitous prediction “At the least, he will lose this family, too. At best, he will be forced to acknowledge his problem and get some help. At worst, he will get jail time.” So hang in there. He still may get jail time. Today it was announced that Charlie has checked himself into Promises in Malibu for rehabilitation.


How twisted is Charlie Sheen? Very, very twisted. Before I list his flaws, let’s remember he was born this way. Complicated times ten. Charlie doesn’t know who he is. It’s very difficult for him to relate to other people with so many blocks in his personality.

It’s rare that people have Grand Squares in their natal charts. That’s when all four planets in a modality, in this case mutable, are represented. The mutable modality is Gemini, Virgo, Sagitattarius and Pisces. On a chart of 360 degrees they are all 90 degrees from each other. Every one of these planets for Charlie is a focal planet:

  • Sun (willful, ego, proud, conceited), Uranus (contrary, rebellious, idiosyncratic), Pluto (control issues, swings between good & bad) all in Virgo.
  • Jupiter (excessive quest for a higher vision) in Gemini.
  • Saturn (ambitious to a fault, father issues) in Pisces.
  • Moon (unstable emotionally) in Sagittarius.

That’s six of ten planets operating as focal planets (two oppositions & a square). The stress of this much frustration and insecurity is enormous. (For further clarification of focal planets, go to The Psychic Bubble, Lesson No. 2.)

Add to that a really negative progression, Mars square natal Sun and upcoming progressed Venus square natal Sun and progressed Mercury conjunct Mars. Charlie is going to have a really hard time getting himself out of his latest domestic violence issue. He can’t just marry someone new every time and pretend it didn’t happen. At the least, he will lose this family, too. At best, he will be forced to acknowledge his problem and get some help. At worst, he will get jail time.

With Charlie’s time of birth, we know that his three Virgo planets along with Mercury in Leo are in the 4th House of Home so this is his focal house. It’s the home he grew up in and the home he lives in now. We all think Martin Sheen, his father, is a great guy, but something was wrong in that home growing up. Like our Christmas bomber, Charlie has father issues along with huge insecurity issues. Some nurturing seems to be missing. Charlie needs a big hug. Fame and fortune just aren’t doing it for him. Things that allow him to forget are a constant temptation.

Charlie will never be homeless with natal Jupiter in the 2nd House of Money. But his chart tells us, he’s always been emotionally homeless.

UPDATE1: March 2010, Charlie is balking on signing on for two more years. Some think it’s his July 21st trial and some say he’s holding out for more money. Xtrology says don’t do stupid stunts when you are in a negative cycle.

UPDATE2: March 2010, Charlie’s wife has moved out according to Perez Hilton.

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