I almost didn’t write this blog, because, of course, of course, of course, he has the Jupiter progression discovered and talked about only here at Xtrology. Using Secondary Progressions, when you get a positive aspect from Jupiter to natal or vice versa, you just won the lottery. We all get it at several points in our lives, and when you look back, those will be the best times in your life.

Piers Morgan is an Aries with Venus conjunct his Sun. I was looking for his time of birth and I noticed another site making a big deal about this. Your Venus will always be close to your Sun either in the same sign or the sign on either side — with a very, very few exceptions. So it’s not a big deal. Mercury, same thing, always in your sign or the sign before or after. So Piers has his Sun, Venus and Mercury in Aries. So do millions of other people.

I’m much more interested in his Pisces Moon… If you want to know why I find this guy interesting and if I think he can make a difference click here.


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