Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton today with a wedding to follow next year — JUST AS XTROLOGY PREDICTTED.

Here are the reasons I can make predictions like this. On July 4, 2011 William’s progressed Venus moves to zero degrees of Cancer sitting exactly on his natal Sun at zero degrees Cancer. Anytime you have a positive progressed aspect from Venus to the Sun, you are very likely to fall in love and get married (think Jennifer Aniston).

The Prince’s natal Sun at zero degrees trines his natal Jupiter at zero degress Scorpio. So next year when Neptune moves to zero degrees Pisces, all three water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are represented. This is a Grand Water Trine — progressed.

The progressed Venus at zero degrees trine his progressed Jupiter is a Jupiter period — the good kind. The most magical, amazing, wondrous time of your life. And also the reason I believe he will be king in 2012 at The Queen’s Jubilee.

This information is not my opinion. This is the result of twenty years of work. Astrology charts don’t lie. They can’t lie. If you want to know when certain events will take place in your life, you need to have your astrology chart done. I recommend once a year. Sometimes not much will be going on, but other years, it can be a matter of life and death or the most successful period of your life. With this knowledge you have the ability to make the bad times easier and the good times more prosperous.

Prince William was born to be king, literally.


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