This is re-posted from March 5th, 2010.

The buzz says that Queen Elizabeth will step down at her Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and hand the thrown to her grandson, Prince William. And it’s expected that he will marry before then.

Despite protests from the United Kingdom that this could never happen, Xtrology is making a very bold prediction using astrological analysis. It just makes sense. To read more CLICK HERE.

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  1. Do you do readings or charts??

  2. Suzanne Colbert Says:

    One of the most important pieces of advice I have given my 2 daughters is DO NOT marry a man whose mars squares your sun. He will scapegoat you, argue with you, and half the time, do it just for the fun of it. Really, I shudder at how miserable she could get.

  3. Agree, it is a nasty aspect and the sun person is always trying to please the mars person and generally failing at that task (or so they believe because they become hypervigilant and clam up or if they have strength-and Kate does, they just keeping arguing). Diana suppressed all for quite awhile and then she just starting blowing up at Charles all the time, spending money and doing anything to piss him off because he refused to accept her point of view or even consider it important. Kate will be put on the strong sun in Cap face, but that moon in cancer will continue to get hurt and venus in aquarius will eventually break out on its own. William is a charming prince and he is well aware of his rising power.

  4. Excellent advice for your daughters. I had a 6 year relationship where both of our Mars squared each others Sun. He would start the arguments and I would finish them. I’ve never argued with another relationship and I will never again. It was misery.

  5. Suzanne Colbert Says:

    In your post above, you didn’t focus on it, but HER mars squares HIS sun also (10 degree orb). And her MOON squares his SUN. And his MOON squares her SUN (out of orb). this is going to be a rough ride for both of them. It’s amazing, because before I saw these squares in her chart, I watched the interview and I thought ‘ what a charming, poised, pleasant person’,.
    They both are pretty good at hiding the sometimes anger/rage they might feel toward each other. Seriously, these squares can only end in periodic torture for both of them – and they probably will stick it out!
    By the way, for what it is worth, I read a psychic analysis that says Kate has libra rising…I can accept that.

    • You’re right about her Mars squaring his Sun. But I have her Moon in Cancer conjunct his Sun. I have his Moon in Cancer opposition her Sun. What dates are you using? I have him at 6/21/1982, 9:03 PM, London, England. And for her I have 1/9/1982, no time known, Berkshire, England. But I’m always at the mercy of the Internet. Normally, I use

  6. Suzanne Colbert Says:

    CORRECTION: I lost my mind reading all these squares…I meant to say,
    her moon squares his mars (not sun)

  7. Check. Thanks for your continued interest!

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