This purpose of this blog is to prove that I can make accurate predictions and virtually no other astrologer can. It’s a free blog, and it takes most of my time, this and THE PSYCHIC BUBBLE, also free. Here is a comment left by Debbijean:

“You really don’t get it do you? I’ve studied Astrology for over 30 years and I have met many Astrologers…but hon, you are treading serious waters. I CANNOT believe you are trying to PREDICT death and elaborating on such Negativity online. ARE YOU AWARE OF HOW THIS CAN INFLUENCE PEOPLE that are non-astrologers or curiosity seekers. Evidently you do not adhere to the principal of retribution….If you are a good Astrologer, put it to good use and get rid of the darkness surrounding you.”

Thirty years and Debbijean still can’t make a prediction, and this all she has? She’s attacking me for doing my job. Go to any of the big sites. None of them predict, because they don’t know how. Why do people love to read their daily horoscopes? Because they make predictions. But not predictions that are actually true. Predictions that are fun.

What I do is different, because I use the person’s actual birthday — not just their Sun sign. Someday, I want everyone to know in advance what their aspects are so they can make decisions accordingly. Meg Whitman will have karmic retribution for being fortunate enough to have $150 million to give away and then choosing to use it for selfish purposes. You know, those Three Wise Men? That’s why they were called wise. They foretold of an important man, and what he would mean to the universe. And they brought him gifts. In other words, Debbijean, just in case you missed it, they predicted. They were enlightened and generous.

I predicted on June 9, 2010 that Meg Whitman was wasting her money and that Jerry Brown would be the next governor. And by the way, Jerry ran his campaign on a shoestring. He’s not a man to waste his money or yours. Hallelujah for California. Maybe we have a chance to get out of the mess we are in.

And anyone using Debbijean as an astrologer, don’t you think she’s just a teeny-bit angry? For the rest of her rant, go to “Laverne Has Cancer.”


3 Responses to “THE $150 MILLION PREDICTION”

  1. …wow, so much $$ when there is so many homeless people ..etc in her home town of NY..

    $150 Million. The taurus in me thinks that is insane .. she could have used the money to make a real difference in the USA.. not just ny.

  2. Why did this “old time” astrologer, Debbijean” write this critique of Melanie’s predictions? Perhaps she is not really understanding Melanie’s predictions! Melanie never says an exact time of someone’s death. She is just pointing out the planetary positions for the possibility of a fatality. No one ever predicts a death. And who calls anyone, “Hon” these days? Eeeccccchhh, so declasse…..

  3. Melanie doesn’t predict an exact time of someone’s death…just planetary positions for the possibility of a fatality. However, medical doctors predict deaths and the times of deaths all the time. Are they now in danger of the principal of retribution, Hon!

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