Remember that this is the blog that could have saved NBC untold millions of dollars, when I blogged on _______ that Jay Leno would not work in the 10:00 time slot, I have a message for Meg Whitman. You’re not going to be Governor of California. Jerry Brown is. She’s spending $150 million of her own dollars. Throw me a bone. I only charge $200 for a reading. My magazine The Psychic Bubble is struggling to find an audience.  Jeff Zucker thinks he should be running NBC, and Meg Whitman thinks she should be governor. When in actuality what they are both doing is wasting hundreds of millions of dollars. Think about that, those of you who can’t find a job in this economy.

But somebody’s happy, the TV stations that are running the ads?  Conan just did a segment on 60 Minutes, and said don’t cry for him, he’s fine. And Xtrology agrees. Who would you rather be Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien? I pick Coco.

Maybe integrity is making a comeback. Meg is getting roasted for her relationship with Goldman Sachs. And Jay, well, public opinion is still out, but Conan sliced him up quite nicely tonight.

Here’s a little more information on Jay. His astrology aspects didn’t allow him to be successful in the 10:00 slot, but it’s all on him that he took back The Tonight Show. That’s karma.

So would you like to know how Xtrology came to these opinions (after twenty years in the biz)? It’s easy. Always go with the person with the Jupiter progression. Conan has one, and so does Jerry Brown. Any astrologers reading this? You won’t find it written in any book. It’s twenty years of research. No one but me knows about it. It’s research, Baby, thousands of charts later.

You want to know it after it happens, try Perez Hilton or Radar Online or even CNBC.  But if you want to know it ahead of time, read Xtrology.



  1. Carolyn Golden Says:

    How come Oklahoma’s unemploymen rate is 7% and Californias is 12.6% ? Are we turning in ti the dust bowl and Oklahoma is coming up roses???

  2. it’s one sunny day in california! I am thrilled Jerry Brown will be the next governor for California.

    Meg gives me real bad vibes. She Irates me! lol


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