Hope it doesn’t sound like I’m bragging (because I am) and the humble will inherit the earth, but since what I do is make predictions — Ellen Degeneres is leaving “American Idol.” And just yesterday I saw her on television saying (this is a paraphrase) don’t know about the others, but I have a five-year contract.

But Xtrology said on September 28th, 2009:

“This is not a good time for Ellen Degeneres to be taking on a new project and especially one that is in a new format. Her progressed Mars (the mean planet in progressions) is squaring natal Jupiter (public opinion). Progressed Mars aspects are lethal. This one is coming from her 2nd House of Money to her 11th House of Wishes & Dreams.

Her progressed Moon (your feelings) is already in the sensitive sign of Pisces and in about 8 months, it will square Saturn (depression).”

Ellen is saying “didn’t feel like the right fit.” Do my ears deceive or did you get fired?



  1. good job Melanie, I love reading your blogs.

  2. Good Job!:) I hope the new judges will be Howard Stern and Jessica Simpson since Ellen and Kara DioGuardi were fired.

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