On September 1, 2010, President Obama will have a Jupiter progression, his progressed Sun moves to 0 degrees of Libra to trine his natal 0 degree Aquarius Jupiter.  What this means I don’t know. Because no one knows the United States time of birth, it’s difficult to use that chart to help predict Obama’s chart.

Here’s what we do know:  If you want to read the rest of this blog click here…

And please consider going directly to The Psychic Bubble http://www.thepsychicbubble.com. If you have any comments on the new format good or bad — or if you are having trouble reaching it, please leave a comment.



  1. Suzanita Says:

    Love this article in The Psychic Bubble. Go read it everybody!!!!

  2. Ms Sunny Says:

    I sure hope, pray, and eat (LOL) that he will bounce back. God bless this man already!

  3. I bet you wish george bush was still president now

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