From age 15 to 45 Mel Gibson had the fortune of Jupiter so he’s used to getting his way. His wife, Robin didn’t question what he did. And he did what he wanted. Then the glitter of Jupiter left him, and it’s been downhill since then. His wife divorced him. And his current girlfriend, Oksana, and mother of his youngest child, has released some damaging tapes of him threatening to harm her, admitting to hitting her, threatening her with racist epithets, and other unflattering behavior.

The question everyone wants answered, is he going to jail? To read more of this article click here…


3 Responses to “MEL’S BEING A BAD BOY”

  1. I used to really like this guy. for someone who is a racist, it’s ironic that he made several films with a black actor Danny Clover? not sure if that is the right name. he is such a hyprocrite. not sure what is going to happen with him or if jail is the answer for him. I do feel many of his friends and colleagues will turn their backs on him, and he won’t do as well in Hollywood.. his film career just may die, and he will end up very lonely. even his children will flee from him. he has a lot to lose and looks it’s too late for him to change his evil ways. Sunny

  2. I meant “looks it’s too late for him to even make amends” Sunny

  3. Betty Ann Says:

    He is an alcoholic. I think his marriage kept him stable.. and once he was separated it went downhill for him.

    The GOOD NEWS is that when you hit Rockbottom.. you can go UP .. and have a happiest existence. No more in self-denial.. and others (his ex-wife maybe) enabling him.. which kept the disease active..

    There is a pamphlet in Al-Anon called the Merry Go Round of Denial.. in which alcoholism progressive due to so many enablers around the alcoholic.

    I’m not saying this is HIS CASE.. of course I don’t him.. but just from what I heard so many times in Al-Anon and I attended OPEN AA for 6 months (open means anyone can come even if not an alcoholic)…this might be what happened.

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