Retrograde planets are traditionally thought to move backward — really a ridiculous concept. Planets can’t turn around. All they do is slow down — sometimes so much so that the sign changes. That is significant — the changing of the sign, but a planet slowing down? Not much of an event really.

The Sun is the only planet (in astrology we call all bodies, planets) that maintains the same speed. With every other planet the motion changes — going faster and slower. On July 5th Uranus retrogrades. And this is important because it will move back into the sign of Pisces on August 15th. Jupiter will also retrograde on July 23rd and enter the sign of Pisces on September 9th. ¬†And they both stay in Pisces through the end of the year. So early Aries people will lose this conjunction and late Pisces people will pick it up again. This applies to any other planets in your chart in Aries or Pisces, too. Rarely will this cause a change in the house, because despite the movement, it is only a few degrees difference.

We already have Pluto in retrograde since April 6th but it never changes signs — staying in Capricorn the entire retrograde until September 13th. So does that mean that Capricorn people shouldn’t do certain things during that time? Not necessarily. But it could mean that things in the area of Capricorn, your career, for instance, slows down. Or any planets you have in early degrees of Capricorn, things those planets represent, slow down.

We traditionally make a big deal out of Mercury retrogrades, but I think that’s just something someone started, and we all got on the bandwagon. Really how much damage can a slow planet do to us? My experience is not that much.

Sagittarians, ruled by Jupiter, can keep an eye on the Jupiter retrograde. And Aquarians, ruled by Uranus, can keep an eye on the Uranus retrograde. Let me know if you think the retrograde has a significant effect on your life.



  1. Suzanita Says:

    Holy “farm fresh eggs” cow, Melanie!!!!!!

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