You can’t have it your way all the time (unless you’re Madonna), so Tom Cruise has hit a really negative progression, progressed Sun square Mars. Mars always rips away at false structures, and in this case, to the Sun, yourself. The studio is watching “Knight and Day and its disappointing box¬†office and wondering how to precede for “Mission: Impossible 4?” Might as well kill it — even though that may not be a possibility. Tom is box office poison right now. Stars with bad aspects are un-bankable.

Just as I predicted with Jay Leno, when a star is going through a bad cycle, and may have some left-over baggage (with Jay it was the Letterman/Leno fight over “The Tonight Show” and with Tom it is the jumping on the Oprah couch and his controversial marriage to Katie Holmes), this is the time they see the results of their actions.

Tom, you would never guess, is a Cancer Sun. All water signs are at the mercy of their feelings. Tom rarely displays his, but they’re there. And it’s tough being a water sign — soaking the emotion up like a sponge. And he’s complicated. He has the focal fixed Venus so he doesn’t believe anyone loves him really for himself. And it’s sitting next to his Moon also in Leo. So if being a Cancer wasn’t enough, his Moon as a focal planet would make him super-sensitive — although fixed focal Moons rarely show it. And then also conjunct the Venus/Moon is Uranus, again a focal planet, this time making him changeable. Just with this configuration, a person would be difficult to live with. But for Tom, there’s more. His fixed focal planet Mars makes him extremely aggressive, fixed focal planet Neptune makes his world conform to his taste (think Scientology) and fixed focal Saturn make his ultra-ambitious.

The only thing remarkable about this chart is how difficult it is. No wonder Tom decided not to be a priest. Complex people can barely keep their own lives together. Just like Michael Jackson, this is not a person with an easy chart. Both men made it the hard way. They worked for it.

Tom’s best move would have been to sit out these couple of years when the energy in the universe is operating against him. But Scientology doesn’t teach that. So we’ll have to see if he can recover from this slide his professional reputation is taking. If you find yourself failing again and again, you might be better off waiting until you see signs, the energy around you is changing.



  1. Poor Tom hese a good actor. Katie Holmes looks miserable with him. Maybe he should try directing.

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