Michael Jackson is a Virgo with Virgo rising. The majority of the work that gets done in the world is by the modest, unassuming sign of Virgo which rules the 6th House of Work. You say unassuming? You are not just your Sun sign. You are so much, much more. Michael’s Mercury (the way one communicates) is in the sign that rules entertainment — Leo, along with his Venus (beauty) and Uranus (adds the unexpected). So he did like the limelight, and he had to ability to amaze us.

Michael’s Sun in Virgo can be found in the 12th House of Pisces. These people often work behind the scenes, ruled by the 12th House along with hospitals and prisons, and, of course, karma. Looking at Michael’s life, he probably picked up more of the karma (although he almost had a brush with prisons).

Your Moon placement shows where your heart is. Michael’s was in the 6th House of Work — so he loved to work. Work brought him happiness. You can tell his Moon sign is Pisces because of the sweet and gentle way The Gloved One talked and his kindness towards children and animals.

A fortunate Jupiter position, in the 2nd House of Money, made his finances soar. Your Jupiter will tell you where you are lucky. He also had Neptune there so he handled his finances in a Neptune way — unrealistically.

Overall, there is nothing especially remarkable about Michael’s chart. No Grand trines. No 10th House full of planets. No Jupiter conjunct the natal Sun. In fact he had four focal planets, Mercury (prefers mental challenges to relationships), Venus (feels unloved), Uranus (different just to be different) and Saturn (ambition). So his accomplishments — which are great — were a result of his tenacity and hard work and his refusal to give up. And most important, his need for love and applause to fill his empty heart. A Virgo’s work is always in the service of others. So Michael Jackson brought us glamour and music and the happiness he never fully enjoyed.



  1. Tiffany Says:

    What does Michael’s chart say about his allegations that his father was abusive?

    • Tiffany, I looked for that. Michael has natal Saturn square natal Moon which is defined as the father thwarting the child — which in Michael’s case, his father pushed him to sing — too hard and in an abusive way, but Michael wasn’t, like so many, kept from achieving success. What I think is more profound is Michael seeing his mother thwarted and the affect that had on him. It is definitely true that Michael didn’t like his father. It’s also an aspect that makes it hard to be fulfilled emotionally.

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