Watch out for the quiet ones. Kirsten Stewart, actress of The Twilight Saga, is the beneficiary of an amazing astrology chart. Without it, you wouldn’t know who she is. And when it’s over, life will get much more intense. This is because Kirsten Stewart is รผber complicated. I like to talk about focal planets because they are a quick way to dissect people. Once you know someone’s weaknesses, you know a lot about them.

Grand squares are relatively scarce. This is when all the planets in a modality are represented. In Kirsten’s case, it is her Jupiter in Cancer, her Moon in Libra, her Uranus, Neptune, Saturn in Capricorn and her Sun in Aries. Because they all square and oppose each other, she has six cardinal focal planets.

Jupiter (looking for a cause  or person to make life make sense)

Moon (extreme sensitivity)

Uranus (different just to be different)

Neptune (sees things according to her reality)

Saturn (extreme ambition)

Sun (narcissism)

That’s Charlie Sheen complicated. But wait. Kirstin has more. Mars is also a fixed focal planet (extreme aggression). So seven, seven focal planets. Seven things you are looking to fix.

This could be another instance where fame at a very young age isn’t recommended. When her Jupiter progression is over, she will be left with a complex personality that is hard to satisfy. Martin Luther King did it, but you won’t see it often. When you have this many negative aspects, you also get a lot of negative progressions because there are a lot of opportunities. It also makes a difference if the planet being aspected is in a negative natal aspect.

So my advice to Kirsten? Put the money in the bank. Get involved with a cause outside yourself. Fall in love (you have Venus in the exalted sign of Pisces). That’s actually good advice for all of us.



  1. Betty Ann Says:

    Do you take suggestions.. or maybe you did write about Eckhart Tolle. I’m finally reading The Power of NOW and also listening to his 6 set CD Art of Presence. He seems so sweet and real… and balance.

    I’m not putting anyone as a guru or up on a pedestal.. but he is very soothing and his book and CD are very beautiful spiritual. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Would love to hear about his chart…

    I still LOVE Wayne Dyer; but Tolle seem more Solid to me… more like he like he has great emotional balance…!! (I do see the injure child sabotaging himself like with Dyer). I see a man more at ease with himself.. If that make sense. (I wonder if he is a Taurus or has them in his moons).

    • I do take suggestions of any kind. What I like about Tolle is the pain body he talks about. I had to read it at least three times, but once it started sinking in, he made so much sense to me. And I could be wrong, but Dr. Dyer doesn’t talk about this? I’m working on my definition of The Law of Attraction. Because while it works, the definition is wrong. It’s more along the lines of you having attractive energy and attracting the right people to you. You can’t win the lottery with the Law of Attraction. And you can’t cure Cancer — that’s the Law of Acceptance.

      I do want to concentrate more on astrology that is not based on gossip. I’m also working on Richard Nixon after having seen “Frost/Nixon.” It was such a powerful movie.

  2. Betty Ann Says:

    I like the way he described the pain-body..

    I like that you explained the different between the Laws. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It is commonsense too.. if you act upbeat.. you’ll attract the same.. !!

    I’ve never seen that Nixon movie.I was young at the time; and just heard about Watergate tapes. I’m not even sure why he got impeached?

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