And I don’t mean because you tweeted a pic of Miley Cyrus. Perez Hilton has announced he will have his own record label. And it is true that he is in talks with Warner Brothers’ for his own imprint. Apparently, besides making fun of celebrities, he also helps the careers of unknown recording artists on his website. And this is valuable real estate for record labels.

I saw him on “American Idol,” and I thought his energy looked bad. Sometimes you can see this coming. What you see and what you hear don’t add up. He looked terrible, and he was announcing his new record label. It’s the cringe factor — that feeling you get when your instincts tell you something is wrong.

So upon further reflection, (I looked at his chart) Hilton is in no astrological position to be sticking his neck out. His natal Jupiter has progressed to a new sign and is making a square to his natal Sun.  The Sun is you and Jupiter is money. Squares are always negative. Additionally, his progressed Sun is square his progressed Mars. Ouch! That’s one of the worst aspects ever. Mars will rip your life to shreds. For those of you that have been hurt by his gossip blog, this will look like karma. But it is just astrology. The good old days of progressed Sun trine progressed Jupiter are painfully just a memory. Bend over, Perez, you’re going to get a kick in the pants. And when your entire career is based on luck, this isn’t going to be pretty.

Perez Hilton is an Aries, the baby of the universe. They often have a very youthful spirit and don’t want to grow up. They are known for being self-centered and selfish. Here’s something kind of interesting, one of his focal planets is mutable Moon in Virgo. So he can dish it out a lot better than he can take it. Yet, another reason to look ahead. Trashing other people is good when you’re bullet-proof and definitely not good when you are vulnerable. Perez’ other focal planet is Mars (aggression) so he also had a lot of energy to pursue his interests. Now he will have to use that energy to defend himself.

My advice to Perez Hilton, no new ventures, no record labels. This applies especially to any area where he invests his own money. He has a good thing going. He is making money (and enemies). He should just enjoy his success and lighten up a bit on his site —  even better, sell it. Walk away from it. Take off for a couple of years, actually ten. You know that negative Jupiter thing, well, it moved out-of-sign. Progressed Jupiter moves very, very slowly. You know those people you made fun of on the way up, you’ll be seeing them on the way down.


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