My client for tomorrow hasn’t confirmed her appointment. My house guest is an hour and a half late. My web builder, who knows, but he’s ridiculously late.  And I’m just wondering? Where are the people that can make a commitment and get something done?

Apparently, he, in the form of Sean Penn, is in Haiti. Just my luck. In the midst of a mid-life crisis, Penn got a plane, outfitted it with an amazing crew, medical supplies and took off for Haiti.

What qualities would I be looking for if I wanted someone like this in my life? Sean is a Leo with three Leo planets, his Sun and Mercury (which very often are in the same sign, no biggie) and Uranus — conjunct the Sun will make the native impulsive. He also has two focal planets, Pluto (right and wrong) and Venus (doesn’t feel loved or lovable). He’s working it, because a lot of Haitians love him now.

Sean had the remainder of a progresssed Sun square Saturn, one of the most depressing progressed aspects, during the time he was making arrangements for this humanitarian effort. So, good for him. Way to use bad energy — helping other people. And his progressed Venus is still square Mercury, a very difficult aspect for someone who already has trouble believing in love. (He recently separated from his wife, Robin Wright.) If you can’t help yourself, help others.

What makes him do this and someone else, with a bad cycle, sits home feeling blue? Sorry, nothing special about his astrology chart.  Some people are better than others.



  1. Now THIS is a wonderful interpretation on Sean Pen. I can relate. This speaks to me. I highly recommend that a chapter in your next book be called “What to do during a negative aspect”. I’m serious. It feels, sounds, and seems so horrible, that any kind of shake up is deeply appreciated. I have been thinking about volunteering and generally enjoy doing things for others. Good to know progressions can propell us to a better place. Wonderful job. Kudos Melanie.

  2. Betty Ann Says:

    What a very nice story…

    I like the part about helping others.. in any circumstances..

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