Beth Holloway filled the airwaves with her cries for help when her daughter, Natalie, disappeared on the island of Aruba. But when I was looking for Natalee’s astrology information, the time of her birth, isn’t available.  What Beth Holloway should have done is say no to a trip to a remote island for her young daughter (which there is a good chance she paid for).

Natalee, on May 24, 2005, was extremely vulnerable. She had a death chart. Let me explain. First you must have a negative progression especially one that involves Mars, the most destructive of the progressed planets. Natalee had progressed Mars square Venus (love, love life, love affairs). Next, there must be a negative transiting Pluto (death) aspect. Natalee had transiting Pluto conjunct (same sign, similar degree) Uranus (the planet of the unexpected, a malefic planet). This cycle will produce a negative result every time — not always a death. But during a cycle like this, you take no action. You do not travel to foreign countries. You do not leave with men you don’t know. Because, if you do, you can’t predict the results.

And Natalee was a Libra, the sign that wants to be loved by everyone — the sign that can’t say no — the sign most associated with needing a man in their lives (ruler of the 7th House of Partnerships). She was smart with her Moon in Gemini, probably made good grades in school. Her only earth planet was Neptune in Capricorn, but how earthy can Neptune be? It’s Neptune (delusion). When a person lacks earth, or has so little of it, they are not “down-to-earth.” They have little common sense. Her focal planet was mutable Jupiter, the groupie. As focal planets are weaknesses, Natalee was susceptible to the influence of others. Focal Jupiter is always looking for someone else to figure out what they should do — without making the effort to do it themselves.

Natalee’s privileged life also was not an asset when dealing with a sociopath, in the form of Joran van der Sloot, her murderer. She had very little life experience, very little time to understand that evil exists. If her mother wanted to protect her, it is quite possible, she should have made her life less easy. This is where charitable work can be essential for growth. You get to experience negativity, see what it looks like close up. I’m certain Natalee didn’t see this coming — didn’t have the skill to recognize a monster. And some of those monsters out there are quite clever at covering up. But if Natalee had her progressed chart read before embarking on world travel, she could have been warned. Tragedies like this don’t have to happen.

NOTE:  I learned to do progressed astrology charts when I had progressed Mars square Venus. My life was falling apart so badly, I needed an answer. So I’m now passing this information on to you. While you think having as astrology reading is expensive, it’s not. You’ll never go through a negative progressed aspect that doesn’t cost you greatly.



  1. Betty Ann Says:

    I agree. Sometime living a shelter live can make one extremely Vulnerable.

    My best friend growing up used to say I was Book Smart but naive and Gullible even though I did not live a shelter life. I just believed everything everyone said; and looked for the good always in everyone; and made excuses for anything negative (hee-hee.. typical co-dependent personality..luckily I grew up..

    Poor girl. I really have not read the story.. and I actually don’t want to know anything details (too sad just hearing another young woman died)

  2. michellefrommadison Says:

    You hit the nail on the head. No parent should ever have allowed a daughter who acted as slutty as Natalee did go anywhere out of state or the country.

  3. Virginia Says:

    That is a terrible thing to say (Michelle) because the whole culture encourages this kind of behavior and young girls are reacting to many conflicting messages (would you call a teenage boy slutty, for example?). What I do think about Xtrology is that this astrologer is exceptionally gifted, astute, and understands the shadowy elements extremely well.

  4. Suzanita Says:

    I’d like to take these comments one step further and say (from the vantage point of being a teacher) that high school seniors should never be allowed to go where there’s open drinking and gambling. They are all to young to understand consequences. That part of their brain has not yet matured! It’s just insane to take them to a foreign country and turn them loose!!!! Parents need to pay attention here. This could happen again!!!!

    • michellefrommadison Says:

      Beth Twitty needs to be criminally charged with a crime. If it was up to me, I would have had Beth executed a long time ago through the death penalty court process. To raise a tramp like Natalee and to release her upon Aruba certainly is criminal. Tramps and drug-users like Natalee belong in no foreign country.

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