Shannon Price was Gary Coleman’s wife. And she’s getting a lot of negative publicity now because her progressed Mars (the most negative planet in a progression) is inconjunct her progressed Jupiter (things getting blow out-of-proportion). And by November, if she’s still in the news, it gets worse. Her progressed Sun and Mercury will square Neptune. So it isn’t a positive time in her life. Hey, her ex-husband, whom she was still living with, just died.

My opinion about Shannon? She’s not that bad. She was selling his memorabilia on E-Bay with his permission. A girl has to get by. Shannon has her Aquarius (air sign not all that emotionally invested) Moon conjunct the planet, Jupiter. It’s similar to a Sagittarius Moon (rules Jupiter), so she pretty much says what she means, good or bad. Her Venus and Mars are conjunct (in the same sign) so she also isn’t all that invested in the concept of relationships. They don’t make or break her. Her focal planets are Pluto (right and wrong) and Saturn (ambition). So I’m not saying she isn’t ambitious, just that she isn’t lying. Would she sell a picture of her dead husband?Probably. Is that a tragedy? Not really. The bigger tragedy is Gary’s life. And Shannon isn’t responsible for that.

So it was Shannon who was there for him — even if they argued. She pulled the plug, but apparently the doctors told her to (looking for body parts?). I don’t think Shannon always uses good judgement, but Gary knew who was on his side and who wasn’t. And he was adamant about it. So whatever Shannon did, he signed up for it. And where he is now, it doesn’t matter much anymore.

The Hollywood press has really turned into this demonizing machine. Outsiders just get pummeled by their need to amp up the story and, don’t even consider hurting one of their own. If you don’t defend yourself or know how, you’re the new story. What Gary would want now is for everyone to leave his ex-wife alone.


One Response to “GARY COLEMAN’S WIFE?”

  1. Betty Ann Says:

    It is always so much negativity on those shows…

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