At the time of Natalee Hollway’s death, Joran van der Sloot was on a Jupiter high (better than heroin). His Mercury had just trined Jupiter, his Mars followed and trined Jupiter, then his Sun and Moon, which could have been in a trine to Jupiter on the night of her death (the time of birth in this instance would be crucial).

Add to that a Leo Sun (entitlement), Leo Mars (more entitlement), Leo Venus, (yeah, more). And all conjunct. Mars conjunct your Sun will give you a temper. But Pluto squaring your Sun, Mars and Venus will give you a whalloping temper. But deep down, he’s a little girl. Tell him I said so. His Capricorn Moon (my least favorite natal placement, evil most often) is conjunct Neptune (deceit) and is part of his T-square.  And Jupiter (a female planet) as a focal planet, and as such tells us his weaknesses, makes him shout his causes too loudly (to anyone that will listen) and the tendency to over extend his other bad qualities — which are many. And here’s a little secret about Capricorn Moon men. Women are their downfall. Every time.

During Natalie’s death, he was most likely experiencing a Jupiter period, but time fixes everything. Now he has his progressed Sun conjunct his progressed Mars. It may be over soon so I can’t guarantee he’s fried. But a negative progression like this hitting an already angry chart. He did it. Keep your daughters away from Joran ver der Sloot.

NOTE:  My source of his birthday is a little iffy, but this looks like his chart to me. I have 8/6/1987.

UPDATE:  Joran van der Sloot has confessed to Peruvian authorities that he killed Stephany Flores. “…shout his causes too loudly…”



  1. I love your blogs! I find them fascinating and look forward to reading them. Thanks for writing these.

  2. Suzanita Says:

    He must be the supreme idiot. This time he left a girl with a broken neck in a hotel room. There were witnesses who saw them check in together. It was so gratifying to see him in handcuffs going to jail. They don’t mess around with that stuff in South America!!! Gotcha…….

  3. midnightsunastrology Says:

    I liked your post – you are a good writer 🙂

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