Al and Tipper Gore say there is not another person involved in their decision to divorce. But his chart suggests differently. I know his progressed Venus is square to two opposing natal planets, his Sun and his Neptune (creating a T-square). Venus is your love life, Neptune is deception and the Sun is you. So something’s up. Also his Mercury (communication) is opposition his Moon in the 5th House of Romance. Just sayin’. The progressed Venus is also coming from the 12th House of Pisces, known for its secrets.

While Tipper has a very positive chart, her Sun is sextile her progressed Sun along with her progressed Mercury, she’s happy. He’s not. But what bothers me is the future. Tipper will have her progressed Saturn no longer in its natal sign square progressed Mars. The definition of that according to Alan Leo is ruination. And that’s coming up pretty soon. She’s going to need him. They’ve been together too long for him not to be there when this really rough progression happens. This divorce is not going to work for her at all.

One of Al Gore’s focal planets is the Moon. Who would have guessed? He’s sensitive. With Saturn in the 1st House of Yourself, we think he’s very stiff. But I hear, he’s different at home. And they both share the same second focal planet, Mercury. This makes people not so warm and cuddly. But they both have it. So they may understand each other on that level. He’s Aries. She’s Leo. Both fire planets.

I wish I could tell Tipper that the timing could not be more wrong for her. And if he is involved with another person under these negative progressions, it won’t work out. I think a divorce at this time is a bad idea.

UPDATE:  The rumor is that Al Gore has been seeing Larry David’s ex-wife, Laurie David.


2 Responses to “AL & TIPPER GORE OVER?”

  1. I am actually quite shocked, and I still don’t believe it. Drifting apart? something is way off with the comment of how they just drifted apart. I don’t buy it, and I do feel a divorce would not be good for those two. I find it hard to accept thou, that Al might be having an affair. something is way off, but then again, it could be just that.. they drifted. a part of me feels they will get back together. who knows, it will be interesting to watch.

  2. Betty Ann Says:

    AWWW another divorce? Well I’m divorce too. Sad so many divorces..

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