We just left Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter in Pisces at high degrees to move to Uranus in Aries ( 5/28/10) and Jupiter in Aries (6/6/10) at low degrees. They haven’t moved very far, but they’ve changed signs and that’s huge.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces were trined (good) or conjuncted (good or bad, but good because it’s Jupiter) when Uranus and Jupiter were in Pisces. So the water signs may have seen some overnight benefits very much depending on the house where this was taking place (and, of course, the other aspects in your chart). You can go to http://www.thepsychicbubble.com and in Xtrology Lesson No. 1, and find sites where you can run free charts.

Most likely the move to Aries won’t change the house you find these planets. But if you are a fire sign, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, especially an early one, you may be the ones now reaping the benefits. Uranus rules sudden things, things that happen overnight. And Jupiter does everything good from your social life to money.

There is the possibility that you have Capricorn or Cancer planet(s) at low degrees and this will create a negative square. And we shouldn’t forget that Pluto is in low degrees of Capricorn. If you have a low degree Cancer planet, this will create a temporary T-square. (Capricorn and Cancer oppose and Aries squares). So for people with this, it is possible a negative event takes place — even a death because Pluto rules death and is always involved when one takes place.

So if I haven’t lost you, some people will greatly benefit from this from this unusual event — two generational planets moving into the same sign at the same time. And some people will have negative results. Either way, this is a really good time to look at your astrology chart and see where you stand.

UPDATE: ¬†What I forgot to mention is that Uranus moves back to Pisces on August 15th. And Jupiter moves back to Pisces on September 10th. Both stay there through the end of the year. So it’s back to Pisces at high degrees having the luck, along with their high degree water friends, Cancer and Scorpio. Pluto at low degrees is out of orb for them.


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