I’ve never seen anyone die in a fortunate progressed Jupiter period. But Dennis Hopper did assuming his time of birth is correct. ┬áSo what would account for that? His progressed Venus was square to his natal Venus so everything Venus was wrong in his life — people he loved, people he thought loved him. And Mars, always the troublemaker when progressed, was inconjunct (need adjusting) his Jupiter (things that blow up and get out of hand and money). So there was fighting between loved ones concerning money. A pretty tacky subject when someone is sick, but then I don’t know that Dennis was known for hanging out with classy people.

The end of your life tells a lot about your life and a ton about the choices you have made — what kind of people you surround yourself with. And not having dealt with death myself, I can only imagine that people fighting over your money, before you’re gone, is a little depressing.

And transiting Pluto (needs to aspect badly for a death to occur) was square Dennis’ Moon (but a little out of orb) so he definitely was feeling negative about life. And that’s the only reason I can see that he died when he did. He just didn’t care to continue. I’ve seen people not die when their charts say it’s time so, perhaps, the opposite is also true. It’s my experience you go when you want to, but you have no control at all about how much fun it is staying. He wouldn’t have lived much longer — no more than six months unless he just refused to die. And that refusing to die thing is a sign people are out of tune with the universe. Because you’re still going to go, just feeling a lot worse.

Final thoughts: Work toward a good ending. Choose to be around people that you want to be there when you die. And start today.



  1. Suzanita Says:

    Melanie, your comments on how to go gracefully are sublime.

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