We’ve been working really hard on The Psychic Bubble ( So if you’re on the Internet this holiday weekend, stop by. There are new articles on travel to Belize, sushi etiquette, Misery Free lasagne, a look at Team Bubble and a great letter from my Marketing Director about why we think this magazine is important.

The Law of Acceptance will change your life. I use it everyday. Just yesterday I was positive I locked my car keys in the trunk. But, I used the law, and they had dropped inside my grocery bag. You must try it to believe it. All those little annoyances, gone.

You can also read, Xtrology, from inside the magazine.

There’s an exclusive interview with Jillian Lauren who wrote Some Girls: My Life in a Harem, possibly as soon as next week. One of my best friends believes that we were in a harem together, and she was the madam. So I can’t wait to read this. It’s a fantasy, but it’s not.

We are also working on a new site which is more user friendly for the future of The Bubble.

And as always your comments and contributions are welcome. If you want to shield yourself from negative energy, imagine yourself in a psychic bubble. And have a great holiday weekend.


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