First posted April 21, 2010

Crystal Bowersox has everyone fooled with her Moon in Pisces. Her feelings do get hurt easily, and she does cry easily, but this Leo Sun, Leo Mars and Leo Mercury wants to be famous very, very badly. Leo’s love the limelight and rule show biz. Her focal planet Saturn is very ambitious and her other focal planet, Pluto, knows exactly what she is doing — exactly how she is being perceived — exactly according to her master plan. But with her progressed Venus probably squaring Pluto, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

Lee DeWyze is an Aries, the little kid of the universe. And with his Moon in Capricorn, hmmmm (a square). He has no focal planets. Sometimes when you’re not complicated at all (if you don’t count Moon in its detriment), you’re not that interesting. Transiting Jupiter is currently in Pisces conjuncting his natal Jupiter. That is a Jupiter Return. And he has a nice progressed Sun trine Neptune.

Casey James is a Capricorn with his only focal planet being Saturn (ruler of Capricorn). He’s ambitious. He wants to win. All Capricorns do anyway. They hang in there, and so will he. He also has a Leo Moon so the entertainment business fits him nicely. But he may still have progressed Mars square Uranus and then, again, he may not. He made it to “American Idol.” So if it has passed, he is left with progressed Venus trine Pluto. Not bad.

Siobhan Magnus is the girl to watch. She also has no focal planets. But her Mars/Venus conjunction makes relationships anything but a priority. And both planets are in untrusting Aquarius. With her Moon in Scorpio in its fall (bad placement) squaring her Venus/Mars and just being a Pisces Sun, she’s pretty complex. Right now her Pisces Sun has transiting Jupiter sitting on it. And it looks like her progressed Mercury is sextile her natal Jupiter. If she does win, she’ll make everyone around her crazy, but that’s usually the personality of people who live in a make believe world. She also has two progressed squares, but if this Jupiter progression is in operation, it won’t matter.

Astrologically, without the times of birth (which could change the aspects as much as six months), I’m going with Siobhan to win. I didn’t do the charts of the other three, because overall, I don’t think they can compete with these four.

Crystal Bowersox may not need to win to be successful. She has the talent and she’s ultra-ambitious. Still with her more-than-likely negative chart, it may take time. Venus is how much people love you, and Pluto is authority. And those tears won’t go very far when dealing with record execs.

UPDATE:  Lee Dwyze won! May 26, 2010


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