That’s pretty easy, and she is honest about it. She’s in trouble financially. Where does her out-of-control spending come from? Her natal Jupiter (money) is square (bad) Venus (love — of money?) and Pluto (control or in a square the loss of it).

But here’s the part I don’t understand. Sarah Ferguson has progressed Jupiter conjunct her progressed Sun. And probably progressed Mars conjunct natal Jupiter depending on the time she was born. So money should be abundant right now. And she had pretty much solved that problem by agreeing to give access to her husband, Prince Andrew, for close to $1 million. But she got caught. Now that is a little more difficult to explain. Jupiter periods sort of give you immunity about that sort of thing.

Transiting Pluto (the most powerful transiting planet) is sitting right on her natal Saturn (the teacher) which is her focal planet. So there’s a lesson in here she is refusing to learn. And the universe, apparently, just couldn’t pass up this chance to teach her. Also Uranus (sudden moves) is this close (imagine a little tiny amount) to moving to the sign of Aries where it will sit on top of her natal Moon. Surprise! She got caught. But she still is in a Jupiter period. And she didn’t give away any state secrets so she’ll probably come out of this nicely.

Hey, what was going on the last two years with progressed Venus (love) conjunct natal Mars (female sexuality)? She isn’t dating this conspirator, is she?

UPDATE: ┬áToday it was reported that Sarah might be working for The Donald, as in Trump. Don’t you just love Jupiter progressions?



  1. Suzanne Colbert Says:

    I don’t agree that she will come out nicely. I see her losing her title.

  2. Suzanne Colbert Says:

    just re-read your observations. I think you might be on to something re her venus and mars.. She used to date some Norwegian millionaire etc….some in the British press speculate that she never re-married because that would mean the end of the title. She actually says on the tape that she loves being an aristocrat…which she really isn’t. She seems like someone hanging on to something that is over…a neptune issue maybe.
    If you haven’t seen it already, read Tina Brown’s story on about how delusional Sarah is.

  3. Suzanne Colbert Says:

    Did you see the Oprah show? I was semi-shocked at Oprah’s last comment to Sarah. I am only slightly paraphrasing, but Oprah said, “You know, I just realized when I watch the tape, I am looking at a SPIRITUALLY AND MORALLY BANKRUPT PERSON.” And Oprah actually repeated it when Sarah seemed like she didn’t hear what Oprah said. That was the end of the show! I think that was Oprah letting people know she wasn’t sympathetic at all. Oprah always has shows about debt and misuse of money. Sarah won’t even realize Oprah’s disdain until she sees the show tape.

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