Just wanna say, I told you so. He’s the luckiest man alive. See my blog, “Bret Michaels Lucky Lucky Lucky.”



  1. Hi Melanie, I agree you were right and Bret is a lucky lucky man. I wonder thou, would he have won the title if he were not sick or been sick?

  2. Betty Ann Says:

    He is adorable looking too.. not my type; a man that won’t marry the mother of his two children; and sleeps around; but claims he is a great dad.(and his girlfriend does not mind that he comes in and out of her life; but Live and let live.. not my business to try to analyze other’s lives.. ). She sounds codependent..

    • you know, he is incredibly lucky for someone of his type. he is no talent and yet he has his own show. go figure and what is wrong with Hollywood anyway. He is definitely not my type. I would rather hang out with Howard Stern than Bret. I have watched his show a few times, and I think it’s sick. so yes, for someone who has zero talent, he is very luck indeed.

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