I was watching her today on television, and I just had to look at her life and death.

At the time she died, she had the requisite negative progression and negative transiting Pluto aspect. Her progressed Venus was conjuunct transiting Pluto. The sad thing is that this is a short progression because it is to a transiting planet. This is called making a bad decision when you are vulnerable. If she had not tried to get in a little boat in the middle of a cold night, she would probably still be with us. But there is always something deeper.

In Natalie’s case, her chart says she was very discouraged about her emotional love life. Transiting Pluto (death) was also squaring (bad) her Sun (herself), her Mars (anger) and Pluto (death). At the time, she did this, she didn’t care. She was discouraged with the whole male/female thing — a place many of us find ourselves from time to time. It doesn’t have to be fatal.

And then there was the fact that Natalie was a Cancer with all the emotional baggage that goes with that. Water signs have it the worst when it comes to feeling everything. She was a 10th House (career) Sun so she was good at that. But with Saturn (restriction) and her Moon (emotions) in the 7th House of Relationships, she wasn’t so good at them.

Interesting to note that some astrologers think the fourth house is The End Of The Matter. Natalie’s was Capricorn so one would look to see where Saturn was located. Again, it was in the 7th House. Neptune (water) was in her 12th House of Karma. And her focal planet was Uranus (accidents) located in the 8th House of Death. She was afraid of water. And if you believe in reincarnation, the fear and her death came from a past life.


11 Responses to “NATALIE WOODS’ DEATH”

  1. Hi Melanie,
    can you explain briefly if you can, lol what is a T-Square?

    • Two planets in your chart are opposite each other on the wheel (in opposite signs) and another planet is in between them at a 90 degree angle. For example Aquarius and Leo are opposite each other so either a Taurus or Scorpio planet would create the T-square. If both Taurus and Scorpio were there, that’s a Grand Square, not a T-Square. A “T” is created if you draw lines from the two opposing planets and then from the middle of that line to the square planet.

      • aah, interesting. apparently I have a T-square with my focal planets sun, mercury and pluto lol all of them in the sign of Leo in the 6th house of virgo. does that make sense . Sunny

      • Sunny, so you’re rising sign is Pisces? And yes, that could make sense.

  2. I forgot to include that my natal Mercury in Leo was Retrograde and I am certain that would alter the interpretation of it.

  3. yes, my rising is in Pisces. you have a good memory. moon in Taurus. all very interesting and does explain a lot. I remember you mentioned the more focal planets you have, the more complicated you are. one focal or no focal makes someone less complicated, or easy going? Focal I would guess are the main planets one has to work through. I am still learning this stuff, and I have to admit, some of the planetary positions often contradict another.

  4. ok, I am starting to understand this? maybe.. the t-square means the focal planets are squaring off each other?

  5. oh ok, thanks Melanie for your help. Sunny

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