There is no way to definitely determine someone is gay by looking at their chart. But there are a couple of things that might make you suspect. One is the Venus/Mars conjunction. It will either make it hard for you to make relationships a priority or cause you to take an unconventional course. Also look for negative aspects to Uranus (different just to be different) and Neptune (deceit/delusion).

Sean’s Neptune is square his Venus and opposition his Saturn. And his Uranus is square his Sun and Mars and opposition his Moon. So this would qualify as a person with sexuality issues.

When the winds start blowing against you, there is an excellent chance your chart is negative. Sean currently has his progressed Sun conjunct Mars. So we could expect to see some sort of arguing or controversy surrounding him.  It wouldn’t have to be public.  But that transiting Uranus/Jupiter opposition Saturn thing that is happening in the universe (a very rare occurrence) is opposition and conjunct his Pluto. Jupiter is the public. Pluto transforms you.

Sean is a Cancer so I’m sure this sensitive guy does not like being the poster boy for the “should gay play straight” thing. He has three focal planets, Cardinal Mars (aggression) and Sun (sees himself as the center of his universe) and Fixed Venus (feels unloved or unlovable).


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