Keifer Sutherland is not a person who likes himself. He’s a Sadge with Moon in Aries, Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Libra. Yikes that’s Mars in Libra again. I stay away from those people. They’re passive/aggressive which means they will hurt you, but they have a good excuse for what they did and it’s not their fault. Really?

His two focal planets contradict each other — which creates a very confusing person. His mutable Sun makes him the center of his universe — something along the lines of narcissistic. But his cardinal Venus doesn’t allow him to love himself or others. That’s definitely a conundrum. One minute he is king of the world and the next, he wishes he were dead. So it’s not at all hard to see why he has an addiction problem — even though he’s one of the unusual people that doesn’t have Pisces prominent in his chart. He also has Mercury as a focal planet so much of the time, he doesn’t care about anyone, including himself.

At the time he got “24,” his chart was actually negative. So the whole “24” experience for some reason hasn’t been good for him. And if you know what he’s been up to, besides working, not too much that is healthy. Perhaps, being comfortable in his profession allowed him to continue acting out?

Good news! Keifer is just starting a long-termĀ Jupiter progression, because his natal Jupiter moved out-of-sign. But we must keep in mind that Jupiter doesn’t work when you’re doing drugs. You need to stay in touch with the universe. But I have hope that he will use this time to change his mind about himself. Also with Pluto crossing his ascendant, Pluto, transformation and the ascendant the door to the 1st House of Yourself, you never know what can be accomplished.


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