I don’t really don’t know what to look for when a woman decides to become a man. But looking at Chaz/Chastity’s chart the first thing I see is a Saturn/Venus conjunction. Since Saturn is restriction and Venus is your beauty, this could cause a person to question their idea of physical beauty or even physical parts of the body. There is also a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. Jupiter is a planet which represents women, and Uranus makes one crazy or do things that are unconventional. Ironically the transiting Jupiter is conjunct Uranus also.

And then there is the fact that Chaz is a Pisces. These people are notorious for their ability to see what they want to see. If any sign can see themselves as the opposite sex, it would be Pisces. They are also known for their legendary imaginations. And their addictions. Chaz’ seems to be food.

Chaz’ focal planet is Mars. So while most people would find this kind of surgery intimating, not so with this configuration. They are determined.

Currently Chaz’ chart is filled with action. I’ll list these, but even I cannot keep up with them. His progressed Mars is square his Moon and trine his Venus. His progressed Jupiter is inconjunct Saturn and his progressed Moon and sextile Neptune (because it is no longer in the natal sign). His progressed Venus is inconjunct his natal Moon, and his progressed Sun is inconjunct natal Pluto. The progressed Moon is trine Neptune. Whew!

The progressed Jupiter should win out — even with all this action — so I’m hoping to see Chaz settle down and find happiness and, perhaps, lose some weight that the weight of all this chaos is creating.

What does mom, Cher think? She’s had her own questions with identify with a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction squared by that restrictive planet Saturn. It keeps you from being what you want to be or at least makes you feel guilty about it.

Currently Cher has her progressed Mercury squaring her natal Mercury (this happens to all of us at a certain age). So she doesn’t like all the communication/gossip about her son. But otherwise look for Cher to keep on being Cher.


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