You would think I would be the last person to defend Elizabeth Hasselbeck, but when you’re right, you’re right. I get the politically incorrect thing. But Elizabeth pointing out that Erin Andrews is not adding to her credibility as a journalist by being on Dancing With The Stars, is spot on.

So who is Erin Andrews astrologically? She’s a Taurus with three Leo (show-off) planets. And all of those Leo planets are the focal planet of a T-square (two planets oppose and the focal planet squares both). Her fixed Leo Moon makes her sensitive, but she doesn’t show it (most of the time). Her fixed Leo Mars makes her aggressive. Her fixed Leo Saturn makes her very, very ambitious. And then another focal planet cardinal Jupiter makes her want to be a part of a group (sports journalists?).

Erin got in the news biz because that’s what her father does. But according to her chart it’s not about any loyalty to sports, it’s about getting attention and money anywhere anyway she can get it. I think that’s what Elizabeth noticed. Her journalism credibility is a little shaky.

Back to the focal planets, four is too many to successfully satisfy them all at once. People with four or more focal planets lose focus. They are all over the place. They want this. They want that. They don’t know what they want.

Erin Andrews is watering herself down. Who is she, really? This is a person I would expect to fade away eventually. She’s spreading herself too thin. And after you are the victim of a stalker, you do not do a reality show where you show more skin than people would see normally. Bad decision. That’s what Elizabeth was trying to say.

Currently Erin’s aspects are good, but in five years, you won’t know her name.

As for Hasselbeck, she’s going to survive this quite nicely. Cannot figure out what the crying was all about. She has a Libra Moon (charm) and wants people to like her. Maybe the criticism got to her. But if that’s true, doesn’t she know that a lot of people think her politics are wacko?


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