No big Jupiter progressions. Her chart is actually leaning slightly to the negative side. So why all the fuss over Betty White? She earned it. This Capricorn lady, born with two focal planets, the Sun (making her think quite well of herself) and her Venus (making her feel unloved or unlovable).

I know someone else with this combination, a young boy, and he is quite the little monster. On one hand, he thinks he knows everything (Sun as a focal planet) and on the other, he doesn’t believe his mother loves him (Venus as a focal planet). So he behaves badly, very rebellious, and yet no one can communicate with him. We’re worried about him.

That doesn’t mean Betty acted in the same way, but she had the same issues to resolve. Because she is Capricorn and they don’t expect much (the planet of restriction), and he’s an Aries (self-centered), there would be a different dynamic. And then there are all of the other things represented in a chart.

But the point is, it’s come full circle for Betty. She hung in there, and now it’s quite obvious that she is loved by many. And this attention she’s getting (she’s on Saturday Night Live this week) is much deserved.


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