Xtrology has been suspicious about the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James thing all along. Remember that she is in a Jupiter period. During that time, you can get away with anything. Rarely do you experience what she wants us to believe is happening — a complete betrayal. So I wonder. Could she have known about Jesse for some time now and cushioned her emotional life with her own family? People Magazine announced today that she adopted a child in January, but wasn’t going to announce it until after the Oscars — you know, the Oscars where Jesse had her back, sniff, sniff, sniff.

Looking at Sondra’s natal chart, she is one of those very complex and complicated people with five focal planets. Hard to define by most people and very hard to live with. Some people (Charlie Sheen) drug and drink their way through it and some people turn to good works (Martin Luther King, Jr.). But all of these exceptional people deal with it some way.

Here are Sandra fixed focal planets:

  • The Sun as a focal planet is narcissism or something really close to it. The world revolves around your needs. The individual’s desire for fame is unquenchable. There is a willfulness that can’t be ignored.
  • Mercury as a focal planet is extremely critical which causes tension in relationships and a really handy ability to rationalize your own behavior. Because it is a neutral planet, it lacks warmth and empathy.
  • Moon as a focal planet usually causes a person to be extremely sensitive, but not when it’s fixed. Actually they are sensitive, but you won’t see it.
  • Jupiter as a focal planet can over-do. The negative side of Jupiter is over-promotion. And this may surprise you, intolerance is one of the characteristics. Interesting in light of Jesse’ supposed white supremacist leanings that Sandra knew nothing about?
  • Neptune as a focal planet is the mother of all focal planets in my humble opinion. It defies reality and creates it’s own. Physical indulgence reaches its height here and the need to satisfy is intense. But underlying it is loneliness and/or the inability to be alone. Just adopted a baby?

I smell a rat. What do you think? Would a class act put the first picture of her child on the COVER of People Magazine? And is Jesse James into white supremacy if he was adopting a black baby. And is it really okay that she’s taking this baby’s father away from him?

You can’t make this story add up and make any sense of it unless Sandra is not the person she’s pretending to be. Prepare for the truth to come to light when an investigative reporter puts the real story together — sometime in the near future. Jupiter periods don’t last forever.



  1. Hi, I am not sure what you are looking for. I am not smelling a rat of any kind. Jesse’s white supremacy activities went quiet when he became involved with Sandra and it was pretty much over by then. who knows all of what is going on behind closed doors. However, I do not feel on an intuitive level that Sandra is the guilty one here, and yet you are trying to dig up some major deception or secret. because of Neptune planet being one of her focal planets makes her a deceptive person? how about this theory.. perhaps she has proven that she is good at hiding things such as the black baby for as long as she has is quite remarkable considering how the paparazzi’s can be. OR, how about that others are able to fool her because she wants to believe in the best in a guy like Jesse. He is the one that messed up, and held many many secrets from Sandra, and so it’s pretty clear who is the deceptive one and betrayed not only Sandra, but the entire family, friends, and community as a whole.

    • I just want to add, that I do believe, that we are all capable of putting on an act. If you think about it for a moment, it does take a long long time to get to know someone. Some of us have big secrets, and one would hope it would never come out in the open.

      what we don’t know, is when these secrets came out or became available to Sandra as opposed to when the paparazzi found out? what is not available is the chronology, and specifically when Sandra knew about Jesse’s white supremacy. Jesse’s secrets are pretty hard to overlook. not sure if they even knew the baby would be black since they filed for adoption 4 years ago.

      I am not seeing there is an obvious deceptive pattern with Sandra. with Jesse, yes.

    • The reason I feel so strongly about this is that I did this to someone. I was so interested in my life and getting ahead that the fact he was cheating didn’t bother me at all. And when people felt sorry for me, I milked it for all it was worth. I was much younger at the time. And I wouldn’t do that now. But to this day, I feel responsible for the fact he started drinking. I drove him to it by putting my success above his needs. And he really loved me. And the sad thing is that I loved him.

      • Ms Sunny Says:

        aaah, I see. I am sorry for what you had to go through. What we know now, we could have done differently. How many times I’ve regretted doing something at the time, but failed to see the consequences of my poor decision making. I believe that is what life is about. Our actions are our lessons we are learn from. You were young, you did not know any better at the time. And because of your wisdom, you won’t do it again in the next relationship, or the one you are in now. I always say, don’t repeat what did not work. He is the one that started drinking, not you.

      • Just because when you were young and acted in a certain manner doesn’t mean that passing such a harsh judgment on another person whom you’ve never met is fair either. Sandra Bullock could very well be as sweet and kind as she comes across as. Astrology can show potential tendencies in the personality, but there are many factors which ultimately impact who we are and how we behave.

        As far as her going to People Magazine, that is actually protecting her privacy. She is providing photos and an interview that she is in control of to diffuse the media circus. The paparazzi can be relentless and invasive, so it is very common practice in the entertainment industry to arrange the first photos/interview yourself. That way you don’t have the paparazzi going to extreme lengths to get that first photo, etc.

        I sympathize for your own experience. If you can, try not to hold onto the guilt. As an adult, he did choose the path he took.

      • Me, that’s what I do. Pass judgement, I mean, make predictions, about people I don’t know. And it is fair. It’s astrology.

  2. Very insightful, M., and I wonder if getting this baby right now at this awful time in Sandra’s life can be more publicity than, “Oh, poor Sandra!” Of course she knew she was married to a bad boy!!!

  3. Betty Ann Says:

    I felt the same way too.. that a wife kind of have suspicions that something is not quite right; even if she was not sure what it was exactly… and the baby was her way of making her own family… she knew the other one was going to fall apart.

    hugs to her.

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