U.S. District Court Judge Irma Gonzalez called Dr. Phil a “charlatan” for asking a couple to come on his show and confess to selling stolen items on the Internet. He provided no counseling or help for the couple who instead got jail time — 27 months for him and 12 months for her. He was on The View today. No one mentioned it. Wonder why?

Dr. Phil is no stranger to lying with his Neptune (deceit) conjunct Mercury (talking). And he is also a very good example of a Sun sign, his Virgo, providing very little information about his true self.  It’s not Virgo that getting him into trouble. His first focal planet Venus (feeling unloved or unlovable) and second focal planet Pluto (power to bring about good or evil) are his real problems as they represent the weaknesses in his chart.

Pluto is without a doubt the most powerful planet period. And when it becomes the focal planet (two planets oppose and the focal planet squares both), its power is huge and easily mismanaged. One can get themselves into all sorts of trouble. Being a natural detective, you want to delve in places — which have consequences — that you don’t always take the time to understand. All Pluto people and all Scorpios also deal with this ability to use their power in the wrong way. And Pluto also rules sexuality — another area where accusations have been made about Dr. Phil. It’s always a struggle between good and evil. And one will win out especially when the opportunity to become staggeringly wealthy rears its ugly head. Very few people have the integrity to walk away from money. But like all things, what goes around, comes around. And Dr. Phil, despite having more Jupiter cycles in his future also has some karma to deal with.

Currently his progressed Mercury is conjunct his Sun. Mercury rules slander and libel. Many times when this planet is involved, negative things will be said about you — sometimes true and sometimes not. Also the transiting Saturn has lined up with his progressed Saturn and the transiting Uranus. This will cause minor restriction. And transiting Pluto is square Mercury. But overall, this probably won’t be enough to shut him up.  He’s angry, but chances are he won’t change his bad habits, yet.

Maybe with transiting Jupiter is his first house, he’ll gain weight. That would amuse some of us.


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